Essential Requirements

A deposit is required prior to our meeting and is essential as it will secure our date. They may be made by electronic bank transfer, or cash deposit at the nearest bank. All transactions are discreet and a copy of the receipt is required to be sent to me to confirm the booking. The deposit must be cleared prior to the booking and the remainder is paid in cash on arrival.

All deposits are non-refundable if cancelled within 24 hours of our scheduled rendezvous. If cancelled before 24 hours prior to the booking the deposit may be refundable but it will depend on the circumstances and it is at my discretion.

For bookings in Australia a deposit of $100 or 10%, whichever is greater, is essential.  

For bookings overseas, at least 50% of the fee is required and in addition expenses including meals, transportation, accommodation must be paid and cleared in my account before our date.


Girlfriend Experience

  • 1 Hour                    $  800
  • 1.5 Hours               $1300
  • 2 Hours                  $1600
  • 3 Hours                  $2400
  • Additional hours  $   500

Pornstar Experience

  • 1 Hour                    $1000
  • 2 Hours                  $2000
  • 3 Hours                  $3000

XXX VIP Experience

  • 1 Hour                    $2000
  • 2 Hours                  $3500
  • 3 Hours                  $5000


  • 6 Hours                  $4000
  • 8 Hours                  $5000 
  • 12 Hours                $6000 
  • 24 Hours                $8000 

Couples Experience

  • 1 Hour                    $1100 
  • 1.5 Hours               $1500
  • 2 Hours                  $2000
  • 3 Hours                  $3000
  • 8 Hours                  $5000

Tori for Dinner

Wine and dine me and have me for dessert. I honestly love fine dining and going out to top hat restaurants, so if you are looking for great company and great conversation then I am the lady that will turn heads at the dinner table: 

  • 1 Hour  Lunch/Dinner + 1 Hour Play  $1300
  • 2 Hours Lunch/Dinner + 1 Hour Play  $1600 
  • 2 Hours Lunch/Dinner + 2 Hour Play  $2000

Take Tori Shopping

 2 Hours Shopping + 2.5 Hours Playtime $2000 = 4.5 Hours 

If you really want to spoil me and get a bit naughty after by taking me out shopping and showing me off as arm candy, then this is for you. Where you can buy things from my favourite Wishlist and then I can wear them for you when we go back and get naughty. My favourite by far.

Tori's Travel Companion Fly Me to You

Starting from:

  • 1 Full Day        $8000
  • 2 Full Days      $10000

If you are wanting a travel companion, I am available to accompany you or to meet you at your destination. Send me an email and the services you require. Within Australia, a deposit of $1000 is required up front with the remainder paid when I arrive to meet you. You will have to pay for my airfare, transportation, accommodation and the time you spend with me. I am sure you will have the time of your life with lots of passion, love, kisses and good conversations.